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Fifth Disease is not just restricted to although it's more common for to be infected with fifth disease, fifth disease in adults is not so uncommon and can contract the virus too especially if another member of the household currently has the disease. Adults do not normally develop this slapped-cheek rash. Rather the most well-known symptom of this infection in adults is soreness in the joint which lasts day to even weeks. The joints more commonly affected are in the wrists, knees, ankles as well as the hands. Fifth Disease Pictures/5(72). Fifth Disease - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, in adults, during Pregnancy, Pictures, Photos, Rash, is it Contiguous? This is an illness that is relatively mild which is caused by the virus.

Adult fifth disease pictures
Adult fifth disease pictures

The symptoms resemble many other diseases. When in doubt, see your primary care physician for a diagnosis. In adults as well as older teens, the rash may itch but these individuals with this rash will not look sick and usually will not develop a fever. Sunlight, exercise, heat as well as adult fifth disease pictures can re-activate the rash until it fades completely. Other symptoms that can often develop include:. In these cases with adult fifth disease pictures teens and adults, fifth disease can be followed by joint pain or swelling, usually in the wrists, hands, ankles or knees.

Adult fifth disease pictures
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Adult fifth disease pictures
Adult fifth disease pictures
Adult fifth disease pictures
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